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  The CellFighter Newsletter        ISSUE #1 (Dec 25, 2003)

 This newsletter is sent to you because you have subscribed
 to this newsletter by filling out the subscription form on or by marking the corresponded
 checkbox on the RegNow order page of CellFighter Game or
 CellFighter ScreenSaver. If you don't want to receive this
 newsletter in the future, see the instruction below.


  o Key innovations of this year
  o New Year's discount for CellFighter ScreenSaver
  o About this newsletter
  o How to unsubscribe

 Key innovations of this year

 CellFighter ScreenSaver
 A screen saver based on the engine of the CellFighter Game
 was released. You can download this screen saver from (142 Kb)
 For more details, see

 Alternative way of the registration
 Share-It, the best european e-commerce provider for
 software sales via Internet, gives you an alternative way
 to register both CellFighter Game and CellFighter
 ScreenSaver. Share-It processes transactions in USD, Euro,
 Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian and
 Canadian dollars, and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard,
 American Express, Diners Club, UK debit cards Solo and
 Switch, as well as payments via Check, Cash and Bank/Wire
 transfer. For more detailed description of the Share-It
 payment options, see[DASID_3760]

 If you have not managed to purchase a CellFighter product
 by using RegNow, you can try to do it via Share-It by using
 for CellFighter Game and
 for CellFighter ScreenSaver.

 CellFighter Site
 ---------------- was launched as a separate site.
 Everyone is invited to visit

 New Year's discount for CellFighter ScreenSaver

 For a limited time only, the subscribers of this newsletter
 can purchase a license for CellFighter ScreenSaver at a
 discount of 20 percents ($7.96 instead $9.95) by using the link
 (An alternative way is to manually enter the coupon code
 "CFSS-BFYH" on the penultimate step of the RegNow online
 registration procedure of CellFighter ScreenSaver)


 About this newsletter

 The main purpose of this newsletter is to inform the
 subscribers about the new releases of the software listed
 on the CellFighter site as well as shareware/freeware
 products and services that may be added to this site in
 the future. Special offers, information about discounts
 and related products also will be included in some future
 issues of the newsletter.

 The newsletter has no certain periodicity and new issues
 will be sent to the subscribers when information for a
 next issue is appear.

 The subscribers data are strictly confidential.
 This data will not be sold, traded, leased out or made 
 available in any form to any third parties.

 How to unsubscribe

 To unsubscribe, simply reply to this e-mail
 or fill out the "Unsubscribe" form on

 Best regards,
 Sergey Startsev
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